'When's the next upgrade?': The challenges of progress for the digital age student

10:10 - 10:55

This session will address how pupils’ motivation and approaches to, and desires for, learning have evolved to reflect the nature of the fast-paced society in which we now live. With technology constantly evolving, our patience grows thinner. Kids today demand instant gratification and this in a way applies to their own progress and success. How do we, as music teachers, adapt our teaching to fit in with the digital kids of today? Paul Harris addresses these challenges and demonstrates how teachers can adapt their teaching.

Learning Objectives

  • Understand the concept of progress and how this has changed since the dawn of the digital age
  • Receive affirmation that their results will be enhanced by following this positive approach
  • Learn effective teaching and learning strategies
  • Learn about the potential for more effective and sustained progress
  • Learn about the importance of continued positive reflection
Suitable for all Key Stages.

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Paul Harris, Composer, Author, Educator, Faber Music