Feversham Primary presents: Music games

14:40 - 15:35

Jimmy Rotheram shares his inclusive pedagogy which made Feversham famous across the world. It is an approached which is based on learning through play, singing, movement and games, and inspired by work of Kodály and Dalcroze. Here he shares a wide range of songs and games in a practical session for practitioners to take away. The workshop will also cover inclusive pedagogy, behaviour management, sequencing and planning, reading music, listening activities, singing technique, and more!

Learning Objectives

  • Learn a range of songs and games to use in the classroom
  • Understand how musical learning can be embedded in movement and games and developed over time
  • Be aware of the wider benefits of music education for all children, including SEND
  • Understand how the games develop the 'whole child' - not just their musicianship!
Suitable for Key Stages 1 to 2

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Jimmy Rotheram, Music teacher, Feversham Primary Academy