Sharing Lab

The Sharing Lab zone will host a number of informal sessions which put peer-to-peer learning and support at their heart, and everyone’s invited to contribute!

We have selected the topics, but you have ultimate control over the content: bring along resources, or brief presentations, and share your ideas with other delegates – or simply come in the spirit of enquiry, to learn from the expertise of your peers.

Our aim is to get you chatting, fired up on new ideas, and excited to share what’s working well in your teaching practice, and to discuss all of this in the company of like-minded practitioners. Take away an idea, a new business contact, a new new resource or a new friend!

Expert hosts will be on hand for all the music and drama sessions, to get the conversation going. Look out for them on your arrival at the Sharing Lab.

If you’re interested to share an idea, choose your slot from the below topics and fill in this quick form here. We’ll be in touch!

Our call for papers to present at the Sharing Lab has now closed!


Thursday 22 February

10.00-10.45 | Drama

Teaching Drama to Early Years and Primary students


11.00-11.45 | Music

Primary music specialists forum


12.00-12.45 | Drama

Working with SEND students


13.00-13.45 | Drama

Helping students to apply for post-18 courses


14.30-15.15 | Drama

Schemes of work: bring and share, and brainstorm your best ideas for KS3-5


15.30-16.15 | Music

Secondary music teachers forum


Friday 23 February

10.00-10.45 | Music

SEND music specialists forum


11.00-11.45 | Music

Composition clinic

Open College of the Arts Music Programme leader Carla Rees, in conjunction with Harry Whalley, Music Programme leader at OCA’s sister institution, UCA, offer one-to-one advice sessions for composers, providing advice for classroom teachers and portfolio reviews for composition students.


12.00-12.45 | Drama

Leadership: Moving forward in your career, fostering high quality T&L and working with a limited budget


13.00-13.45 | Music

Piano teachers’ forum


14.00-14.45 | Drama

To BTEC or not to BTEC?


15.30-16.15 | Music

Early Years music specialists’ forum


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