Exhibitor list

Important note for exhibitors
    stand: B1
    stand: H4
    stand: C3
  • AQA
    stand: I19
  • Ableton
    stand: J16
  • All Together Now Performing Arts
    stand: M27
  • Association of British Choral Directors
    stand: M2
  • BIMM Group Ltd
    stand: M23
  • BJB Music
    stand: M22
  • Beat Goes On
    stand: D13
  • Black Cat Music
    stand: B16
  • British Kodaly Academy
    stand: M5
  • British Suzuki Institute
    stand: M1
  • Casio Electronics Co Ltd
    stand: B11
  • Charanga
    stand: F11
  • Choir & Organ
    stand: G4
  • Classical Music
    stand: G4
  • Club Europe Concert Tours and Performing Arts Tours
    stand: E1
  • Coach House Pianos
    stand: D1
  • Collins Music
    stand: G18
  • Community Music
    stand: M9
  • Corps of Army Music
    stand: M31
  • DV24 7
    stand: G7
  • Dawsons Music Ltd.
    stand: B7
  • Dogs and Birds
    stand: G21
  • Duet Group
    stand: E3
  • Duet Group
    stand: H8
    stand: G5
  • ESTA
    stand: E5
  • EarMaster
    stand: I9
  • Early Music Today
    stand: G4
  • Editions Musica Ferrum
    stand: I20
  • Education Audio
    stand: H10
  • Eduqas
    stand: I24
  • Eminent UK
    stand: C7
  • Emoji School Of Music
    stand: E15
  • English Folk Dance & Song Society
    stand: H5
  • Feldenkrais UK
    stand: M21
  • Fender Musical Instruments
    stand: B3
  • FutureDJs
    stand: E2
  • Gold Dust Music
    stand: M29
  • Hal Leonard MGB
    stand: F13
  • Halsbury Travel
    stand: E9
  • Howarth of London
    stand: C16
  • ISM
    stand: F9
  • IWishIDidn'tQuit.com
    stand: M6
  • Inspire Works
    stand: D14
  • International Piano
    stand: G4
  • Jolly Learning Ltd
    stand: G10
  • Kawai Pianos
    stand: B9
  • Keda Music
    stand: H17
  • Kevin Mayhew Publishers
    stand: H27
  • Kevin Mayhew Publishers
    stand: H29
  • Kun Shoulder Rest Inc.
    stand: D16
    stand: E21
    stand: E27
  • Lindsay Music
    stand: H12
  • Lisbon Music Fest
    stand: C1
  • London College of Music Examinations
    stand: G2
  • London Youth Choir
    stand: M13
  • MMA Music Teaching Professionals
    stand: F7
  • Making Music
    stand: M11
  • Markson Pianos
    stand: C18
  • Music Buds
    stand: C2
  • Music Pages
    stand: G4
  • Music Teacher
    stand: E4
  • Music Teachers' Board
    stand: H25
  • Music Theatre International (Europe)
    stand: D21
  • MusicFirst
    stand: I13
  • Musicians' Union
    stand: G1
  • My Music Staff
    stand: I14
  • National Education Union
    stand: G1
  • National Schools Symphony Orchestra
    stand: M4
  • National Youth Choirs of Great Britain
    stand: M10
  • Normans Musical Instruments
    stand: D10
  • Nuvo, Octopus Ukulele & Percussion Plus
    stand: C9
  • OCR
    stand: J18
  • Ocarina Workshop
    stand: G23
  • Onestage Specialist Concert Tours
    stand: E8
  • Opera Now
    stand: G4
  • Orchestras for All
    stand: D13
  • Out of the Ark Music
    stand: E26
  • Part Play
    stand: H6
  • Pauline Quirke Academy
    stand: E11
  • Playnote
    stand: H11
  • Purcell School
    stand: I1
  • R&H Theatricals Europe
    stand: D19
  • RSL (Rockschool Ltd)
    stand: F15
  • Rayburn Tours
    stand: E12
  • Rhinegold Education
    stand: I15
  • Rhinegold Group
  • Rhinegold Jobs
    stand: G4
  • Rhinegold Media & Events
    stand: G4
  • Rhinegold Publishing
    stand: G4
  • Rock Choir
    stand: M12
  • Rosa Conrad Music
    stand: M29
  • Royal Marines Band Service
    stand: D5
  • Samuel French
    stand: D17
  • Schools Printed Music Licence
    stand: I22
  • Schott Music
    stand: J22
  • See Education
    stand: E19
  • Service Sound
    stand: C15
  • Sing Up
    stand: F1
  • Sing for Pleasure
    stand: M8
  • Sound and Music
    stand: I3
  • Soundsteps Music School
    stand: I12
  • South England Performing Arts Ltd
    stand: M14
  • Speedware
    stand: G8
  • Steinberg Media Technologies GmbH
    stand: D2
  • Stirling Bridge International Arts Festival
    stand: I2
  • Studiospares Ltd
    stand: J12
  • Take It Away
    stand: I18
  • Teaching Drama
    stand: G4
  • The Musical Company
    stand: E13
  • The Pianist Magazine
    stand: M28
  • The Piano Teachersā€™ Course UK
    stand: F4
  • The Rhythm Studio
    stand: I7
  • The School Musicals Co
    stand: D17
  • The Sound Post Ltd
    stand: I11
  • The Voices Foundation
    stand: M7
  • Theatre Workout
    stand: M25
  • Trinity College London
    stand: D8
  • Trinity College London & Arts Award
    stand: D8
  • Universal Edition
    stand: G12
  • University for the Creative Arts
    stand: H2
  • ViolinSchool & MusicLand Publications
    stand: H1
  • VocalzoneĀ® Throat Care
    stand: G11
  • We Know Music
    stand: E6
  • Yamaha
    stand: D2
  • Young Voices
    stand: M3
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