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Alex Stevens on plans for the Music & Drama Education Expo’s second Manchester event later this year

No sooner has the Music & Drama Education Expo | London finished than we are launching into preparations for the Expo’s second Manchester event. After a hugely successful first Expo in Manchester, the 2018 edition will take place on 11 October.

The event will be taking place at a new, larger venue – look out for details next month, when registration, free as always, will also open. As with last year, we will be aiming to present a range of best-practice approaches from across the UK, with an emphasis on showcasing the best of Manchester and the North West. We want to create a show that is for its teachers: our first outing to Manchester was characterised by a tremendous show of support from the local music and drama education community.

This year we are particularly keen to involve local schools and music hubs. The Expo is a fantastic opportunity, for performances, for sharing ideas, for CPD. Last year we had at least one coach full of delegates turn up, and at points the show was completely full – security weren’t allowing more people in (hence the move to a larger venue this year).



If you can make it to Manchester, there’s every reason to come to the Expo for what is sure to be a useful, invigorating day, surrounded by music education colleagues from across the country.

There is no doubt that, particularly in state education, music teachers are in a difficult situation. Often they are finding themselves having to justify their work, their budgets, and even their salaries.

If that’s you, it might seem difficult or impossible to take a day for CPD. The chances of you getting it past your SLT may be zero. But if you can, do – the day is entirely free, so all you need to do is register, get out of school, and get to Manchester.

If you’re a peri or private teacher, there will certainly be something for you at Expo, from piano teaching to whole-class ensemble, and there is every reason to attend: get the date in your diary now.

Call for Papers: Opening 12 March

The Call for Papers for Manchester will open on 12 March, so look out for it. If you or a colleague has a brilliant way of doing something, or has found particular success with their approach, then let us know. The show thrives on the range and quality of submissions to its Call for Papers, so if you think you have something which could work – a seminar, a workshop, a panel debate, a performance – this is your opportunity!

Top of the pops: 2017’s best-attended sessions

1) STOMP-style body percussion – Ollie Tunmer gave us all the hits

2) Gospel Choir Workshop – Karen Gibson’s inspiring opening session

3) The Song Hamper – Sue Nicholls’ brilliant box of early years tricks

4) WCET: Teaching Creativity Creatively – Dan Francis with a whole-class creativity cracker

5) Access for all: Differentiating with music tech – Phil Heeley with a classic fruit-based technology session

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