Performance guidelines

Thank you for your interest in submitting a performance for Expo London 2018! The below details all the info you should know before submitting an ensemble:


Performance timings are usually 9:15am and 12pm

Duration: 20 minutes

Location: Performance Stage, at the heart of the show floor

Ensembles: Any ensemble suggestions are very welcome, but please note that due to stage dimensions (see below) we recommend ensembles are limited to no more than 20 members

Repertoire: We’re proud of the variety of music we’ve been able to showcase over the years, so all repertoire suggestions are welcome!

Stage dimensions: 10m wide x 3m deep, 0.5m raise

Music stands: we can supply up to 20 music stands

AV provision: we provide PA system, speakers, monitors, desk, mic stands, selection of spot and ambient micing equipment and lapel and radio mics for vocalists and spoken introductions

Instrument provision: please note we can not supply any instruments or additional musical equipment not listed in the AV spec. Ensembles would need to make their own arrangements for additional instrument supply therefore

Backline: Please note that no backline is provided (so no amplifiers for guitars, basses etc)

Access: We’re passionate about making the Expo an accessible show. Please inform us of any access/mobility requirements for your performers and we’ll endeavour to make our stage accessible

Performers Room: We have a dedicated performers room which can be used for storage, as a dressing area, green room etc

Expenses: Unfortunately we are unable to offer travel, rehearsal or parking expenses or re-imbursement

Coach travel: Please note that there are no on-site parking facilities for coaches at Olympia, so if coach travel is required, the coach company would need to make their own parking arrangements

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