Award categories

Nominations for 2018 are now closed.

Thank you to everyone who took the time to nominate – we’ll be announcing finalists shortly. To all those nominated – GOOD LUCK!

Best Musical Initiative

For an initiative that has made a sustained contribution to the musical achievement of a significant number of people, with evidence of reach being an important consideration. This could be a:

  • Charity or commercial organisation
  • Single project
  • Widely available publication, resource or product

Best Print Resource

Sponsored by the Schools Printed Music Licence

For a print resource published after 1 September 2016 that has made an important contribution to the body of resources available for music teachers and learners. This could be a:

  • Tutor book
  • Curriculum resource
  • Academic publication
  • Musical textbook
  • Other print publication that has made an important contribution to the resources available

Best Musical Theatre Education Resource

Sponsored by the Schools Printed Music Licence

For a performing arts teaching resource, released after 1 September 2016 which is of extremely high standard in one or more of the following areas:

  • A teaching aid which is judged to be particularly inspiring or innovative
  • A student learning aid which is particularly clear and engaging
  • Clever and effective use of technology
  • Cost-effective for schools, students and teachers
  • Cross-curricular application which forges links and helps to stabilise the position of the creative arts in the education sector
  • Helps students to develop the wider skills associated with performance: team-work, social conscience, confidence in public speaking, community engagement, etc.

Best School Music Department

Sponsored by the MMA

For an outstanding music department based in the UK, including both primary and secondary departments. Excellence may be demonstrated through:

  • Exemplary and/or innovative music tuition structures, leading to opportunity and progression
  • Evidence of transformation, demonstrably through music, of wider school life

Music Education Council Major Award

Sponsored by the Music Education Council

This award is part of the Music Education Council’s wider MEC Awards and is open to all hubs and music services. Please visit the MEC website to apply.

Musicians' Union Inspiration Award

Sponsored by the Musicians’ Union

For an individual teacher or performer who has inspired students of any age in their music making. Nominations should come from those who have been directly inspired by the work of this individual.

Music Teacher Magazine Editor's Award

Sponsored by

The winner of this award will be selected by Alex Stevens, editor of Music Teacher magazine, from among all the entries and also from across the broader music education sector. Nominations will not be accepted for this category. The winner will exemplify:
  • Excellence in design and implementation
  • A strong sense of either social justice or artistic excellence
  • Ambition, innovation and/or exceptional personal determination

Lifetime Achievement Award

Sponsored by the Incorporated Society of Musicians

For an individual who has made a seminal contribution to music education. There will be no shortlist for this award, but nominations are welcome. 

Best Music Education Product

Sponsored by Allianz Musical Insurance

For a physical product new on the market since 1 September 2016 which gives new opportunities and possibilities to music teachers working in the following areas:

  • Instrumental
  • Early years
  • Primary
  • Secondary
  • SEND
  • Any other area of music educational practice

Excellence in Primary/Early Years

For an organisation or initiative that can be held up as a model for effective practice in primary or early years music provision on a national scale, and something with the potential to grow. This could include:

  • Charities or commercial organisations
  • Projects
  • Approaches to learning/pedagogies
  • New products
  • Any other area of effective practice in primary or early years music provision

Best Digital/Technological Resource

For a digital resource released after 1 September 2016 that is in use by a large number of people, and which is making a difference to the way people learn. This could include:

  • Online resources
  • Apps
  • Sequencing, synthesising and composing software
  • Notation software
  • Musical instruments
  • External devices

Best SEND Resource

For an outstanding resource aimed at the education or music therapy sectors that combines current research with practical application to allow students with special educational needs and disabilities to engage with music. This could include:

  • Technology
  • Publications
  • CPD/training courses
  • Any other SEND resource

Best Classical Music Education Initiative

Sponsored by Classic FM

For an education project that has used classical music in an innovative way, and done so with both musical excellence and an impact on a significant number of people. The winner will be chosen by a public vote on The winner should:

  • Challenge widely-held perceptions of classical music
  • Place classical music firmly and effectively in the contexts of today
  • Encourage a wider appreciation of classical music in all its forms