Bill Bailey to Speak at Music & Drama Education Expo 24 February 2017

We’re delighted to confirm that Bill Bailey will speak at Music & Drama Education Expo on 10 February!

The world-famous comedian, musician, actor and author will give a fireside chat on the performance stage at 14.30 discussing his early music career, how he fuses music, jokes and theatricality in his stand-up comedy and the (many) strings to his multi-instrumental bow.

His lifelong love of music has been a recurring theme in his theatrical shows. In 2009 he collaborated with Anne Dudley to create Bill Bailey’s Remarkable Guide to the Orchestra, an irreverent yet educational look at the dynamics and nuance of orchestral instruments, and how moods and drama are invoked by the ensemble.

Bill Bailey’s fireside chat will take place on 10 February 2017 at Music & Drama Education Expo. Book your free ticket.

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